Artist and photographer Ian David Spencer has been taking photographs since 1979 and working with digital mixed media since 2011.  He is largely self-taught but studied photography with the City and Guilds of London Institute in the 1990's. His home is in beautiful Cornwall in the South West of England.

He creates transformative art that challenges perceptions, arouses the curiosity, stretches the imagination, bends reality and blurs boundaries - in short, art....and beyond. His passion for trees, forest and woodlands, stone circles and the wider landscape inspires his work mixed with a dash of science fiction and fantasy themes that have been engrained in him since childhood. Spiritual elements also play a large part in his work as well. 'There is nothing more uplifting than immersing myself in nature where I feel liberated from life's trials and tribulations. Out in the wilds it's as if I am longing to rekindle something deeper from our ancient ancestral past. Dreams are forged, "portals" will open and my imagination is free to roam."

His digital tree, stone circle and landscape paintings are a result of his imaginative vibe. From the "blank canvas" of his photographs, he allows his imagination and intuition to flow freely and without judgement. Filled with compelling narratives, palettes of beautiful arrangements, colours and textures, his images can evoke the mystical, spiritual or even psychedelic side of life - in short, open doorways to concealed realms and imaginary environments. Expect the unexpected; nothing in his work is quite what it seems. For him, the process of creating his art is a healing place, a meditation, a journey piece. 'During the process of creation, I will never know what the end result will be - and it is this unpredictability that is a powerful motivational force for creating my art.' So, however you view or interpret his work, it is his hope that it brings a special connection for you and touches you with something much deeper.                                                             


'I am often asked: 'Is it a photograph or a painting'? There is only one answer. It is both and neither. My work seeks to blur and cross boundaries in "spiritual" and technical terms for an immersive and participatory experience. In doing so the imagination is stretched, the curiosity is aroused and it gives birth to an infinite number of ideas and possibilities. Then it poses more questions than answers. This is very important in my work. If the technical aspects were more important and I had all the answers to what the narratives in my work mean, then I might as well "pack up and go home"'

'For me, my work is an alternative view on the world. It is about pushing boundaries, asking questions as well as an escapist experience. Escapism that is filled with joy and full of soul. I approach every piece with an open mind and a desire to connect the viewer with my ideas and beliefs and be a participant in my own journey'

'In my work, vision and imagination are everything. I could possess the most advanced and most expensive camera kit and digital software available, but if there is no vision, no imagination, no "alignment with the Universe", then I cannot create great work. This is very important.'

'My journey as a transformative and escapist artist has had its moments of chaos and despair. But equally, moments of great joy and tantalising successes. There is no doubt: it will continue to be like that for as long as I create great art. It's part of the artist's course. But my vision and imagination will always prevail, come what may.'

"I don't care if the sky is yellow, the grass is purple or the trees are blue. Or if the moon is impossibly big. Or nature is symmetrical. What matters is where do I wish to go? Where do you wish to go? All of these things may well be impossible - but not on my watch" 

I believe my work is imbued with a powerful force of creative expression, enabling the viewer - or should I say participant - to be catapulted into worlds beyond the minutiae of everyday life and tug at their emotional reflexes. 

Since the beginning of time, we have had the ability to transcend our perceptions of reality, our place in the Universe. The imagination and an understanding on a spiritual level are the keys to unlock this transcendence. Know then, that in this journey, the images are your guiding lights.  You will encounter imaginary spaces of mystery and wonder, feast upon the ideas, the possibilities and the curiosity. Let this journey commence....!

Downright mind-blowing art for the curious, open-minded and spiritually enabled? Boundary pushing, distinctive and more than a little amazing...?Yeah, I really think so...!


Collecting works of art is an experience that provides emotional benefits both in the purchase and in the narrative of the piece. By allowing a touch much deeper within than simply admiring form, texture and colour, the purchaser has become a participant in the artist's journey and feels a much deeper connection with the work and that of the artist.

Buy art that you love and that you will always want to live with. It will return the favour by enhancing your life every time you look at it.

It has been proven that viewing art is very good for the health on many levels. Becoming a collector and lover of art is good for the soul!

Purchasing the work directly from the artist supports their small business and career, helping in the creation of new work and special projects. Also, by buying direct, you form a more direct relationship with the artist and experience more personal service. You have the opportunity to engage with the artist about their creative journey, something that you can't normally do at an outlet or in a gallery. You also have the distinction of having met or spoken with the artist. How cool is that?


' I first saw Ian's work at a Mind Body Spirit fair and was instantly drawn to them. It was hard to decide which one I wanted as each and every image seemed to draw me into a unique and mystical world. I finally decided on "Night Of The Ancestors". It was placed with care above my sofa and I instantly knew I would be buying more of Ian's beautiful images. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how lovely it is. It has now been joined by "Something Enchanted This Way Comes" and I have no doubt there will be more as my husband already has his eye on another image. Ian's work is individual and ethereal and I don't think I would ever tire of looking at it. He is a very talented artist'

                                                                          Amanda Dobson, Reiki Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Devon